Papa to Kiss in the Dark 2 – Gay student has hot sex with a fellow class mate


Papa to Kiss in the Dark
Mira Munakata is a first-year high school student involved in a romantic and sexual relationship with his father, a famous actor named Kyōsuke Munakata. When Kyōsuke begins acting strangely, Mira suspects that he is cheating on him. After finding his adoption papers, Mira discovers that he and Kyōsuke may not be related at all, and he believes that Kyōsuke will eventually leave him for Mitsuki, an actress that Kyōsuke is rumored to be in a relationship with. In the midst of this, Mira deals with romantic advances from his childhood friend, Kazuki, and a third-year student from his high school, Takayuki, both of whom are in love with him.